Foam (polystyrene)

Polymer polystyrene is white and humidity, thermal and sound insulator and produce in the petrochemical factories. This material with a very low mass weight (1.04 to 1.09gr per cubic centimeter) and fine and coarse grading, in granul form, sheets and blocks and various sizes and thicknesses are available. It will cut easily with a hot wire cutting machines.
Polystyrene usage Temporary decoration and creating spaces Making lightweight construction Making replicas and hand crafts and notice boards Making contents and large models Making cold storage Building sound studios Sound and thermal insulation of walls
Sound insulation in areas with noise pollution
In the case of polystyrene used for urban advertising, the polymer coating should be used for protection against environmental conditions and UV.
Polystyrene used as a replacement of clay or concrete blocks, in joists& blocks ceilings system. Using polystyrene (expanded polystyrene) as ceiling blocks would be suitable if cases such as fire safety, dimensional tolerances, resistance (Which is directly related to the density of materials), geometry of the shapes and proper methods are respected.

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