Prefabricated insulated pipe

Prefabricated insulation (insulation tubes) made of flat glass fibers that are compacted by a heat-cured resin, shaped and been integrated. This used resin, non-flammable and insoluble in water and heat insulation is stable in chemical environments. ISORAN PSA prefabricated insulation for pipes is armed with aluminum paper cover.

This group of products to cover the insulation of cold water pipes, steam and hot and cold fluids Oil Industry, gas, petrochemical, power plants, textile, cement and building facility used.

Ease of handling and transport Easy to install and accelerate Insulation Maintain quality and durability for years of operation and periodic maintenance Excellent sound absorption and reduction Non-corrosive and free of chloride ions Uniform insulation thickness and density all along the pipe Resistant against bacteria, fungi and insects Safe for health

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