Coated Rock Wool panel

Rock wool sandwich panel is part of the thermal insulation family which is widely used in industry and construction. The main raw material for the production of this insulation is basalt rocks from the igneous rocks groups that they are the remnants of volcanic activity. The most important feature of the rock wool insulation is its exceptional resistance to fire. Rock wool will resist up to 800 ° C, and the melting temperature of its fibers is over 1000°C, and approximately resists the direct flame for 4 hours. Rock wool insulation with high efficiency of absorption and reduction of noise is one of the best known thermal insulation. Due to high density rock wool panels to the same types of the insulations, its Penetration resistance is very high. Rock wool panels produced in different thickness and with a density of 3 kg/m 100 and have the 13501/EN13162EN standard of fireproof feature.

The main characteristics of insulated sandwich panels:
1-According to the terms of the buildings, are used in industrial buildings with different thickness and density as a solid connector material for connecting the wall and ceiling.
2-Its thermal conductivity value is great.
3-The fire resistance coefficient is according to 13501EN.
4-The production of insulated wall and roof panels will be done according to 9001:2000ISO standards.
5-The water permeability of this type of roof is proportional to prevent Penetration of water and wind.

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