Rock wool Quilt

Introducing rock wool quilt
This type of insulation is lightweight woven rock wool fiber coated with aluminum foil or Kraft paper produced. With The average temperature range such as niches roofs and heating and cooling systems used in homes.
Application of rock wool blanket
This type of insulation is used to cover false ceiling and niches roof, conference halls ceiling, prefabricated industrial buildings, and covering air flow channels and air conditioning system.
Rock Wool Blanket Insulation Applications, is similar to rock wool insulation quilt, except that the process temperature is lower and has lower density, and Of course, relatively lower cost. Blanket insulation major applications are in the low and medium temperature applications. Blanket insulation with medium density are most suitable for curved
surfaces, Chimneys, tankers and vessels, cooling and medium temperature pipes, large PVC and steel pipes, workshops and gable roof and insulation of low temperature Equipment.

Features of rock wool quilt insulation product
Some of the important features of this type of product that can be cited are acoustic and thermal insulation, flexibility, light weight, and cost effective.

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