Rock wool blanket

This product has been produced from raw rock wool fibers and proportional to the thickness and density of the multi-layered and dense without adding Resin and oil and with refractory wire to hot galvanized stainless mesh with spring of 4/3 or 1 fixed and manufactured in accordance to 592ASTM C standard. Also blanket insulations could produce as a one side mesh (1BWM) and two sides galvanized mesh (2BWM).

The use of rock wool blanket insulation
This product is mainly used in oil industry, gas, refining and petrochemical plants, steel, cement, insulation of Tanks, boilers, pipes with Higher than the 11-inch in diameter, turbines, valves, flanges and boilers and curved and smooth surfaces.

Features a rock wool blanket with galvanized metal mesh
The main characteristics of the galvanized wire mesh quilt product that can be cited are Resistant to extreme vibration, excellent heat and sound insulation and fire safety.

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